Ethical & Sustainable Clothing

We understand that taking care of your well-being is a priority. Our collection of activewear is specifically designed for those who are committed to nurturing their physical and mental health. With a focus on comfort, style, and functionality.

We believe that clothing can be more than just fabric... it can be a source of inspiration. That's why our apparel features powerful affirmations that resonate with each chakra, empowering you to manifest positive energy and intention in your life.

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Crystal Energy Integration

Our products go beyond just clothing. Each piece is accompanied by a crystal that matches the energy of the garment. These crystals are specially selected to support and amplify key areas of your life that you wish to manifest, such as health, relationships, and finances. The crystals can be easily inserted into a slot in the clothing, allowing you to carry their energizing properties with you throughout the day.

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Chakra Candles

Immerse yourself in the transformative power of our non-toxic hand crafted chakra-aligned candles. Our selection of chakra candles combines soy wax, essential oils and chakra alignment crystals. Ignite these candles to create a serene atmosphere and enhance your meditation or relaxation practices.

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Energetic Sprays

We also offer energetic sprays that are intricately linked to the elements and sacred geometry. These sprays are crafted to harmonise your surroundings and cleanse your energy. Simply mist the spray around your space or onto your body to invite balance, harmony, and positive vibrations into your life.

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Crystal Healing Bracelets

Discover our range of Gemstone Crystal Healing Bracelets, meticulously crafted with care and attention to detail. Each bracelet within our collection is dedicated to supporting you in a specific area of your life. Our range encompasses bracelets designed for chakra alignment, stress relief, healing, anxiety reduction, overall well-being, wealth manifestation, love and relationships, inner peace, creativity enhancement, success attainment, and weight loss assistance. Rest assured that our bracelets are composed of 100% authentic crystal gemstones, guaranteeing a flawless union of captivating beauty and profound healing properties.

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Wellness Mindset Journal

Alongside our clothing, we offer a wellness mindset journal designed to complement your personal growth journey. This journal provides a space for reflection, goal-setting, and cultivating a positive mindset. With prompts and exercises tailored to enhance self-awareness and mindfulness, it's the perfect tool to deepen your connection with yourself and your intentions.

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