Creation Range: Using the Quantum realm to Create:

Creation Range: Using the Quantum realm to Create:

Creation Range: Using the Quantum realm to Create: 

Welcome to our new 'Creation Range' of leggings and hot pants. The creation range is focussed on empowering you to create what you want in your life. 

Become a Master Creator in your life using the Quantum realm combining 3 elements of Creation: Sacred Geometry - The Flower of Life, DNA and the Egyptian 6 elements.

Empowering you to access your full potential as a Conscious Creator and manifest and materialise your Hopes and Dreams into reality.

Your legs represent your ability to move forward in life. When you wear your leggings or hot pants align and amplify your intention to create a life beyond your wildest dreams. Step powerfully into the life you are choosing to create.


Unlocking Your Potential: DNA Activation

DNA: Access, Activate and Assimilate codes of information held in our DNA to support the Master Creation Phase to manifest your hopes and dreams.

  1. Access:  Access information, codes and blueprints stored and held in your DNA
  2. Activate: Activate this information and codes enabling expansion and opening up to greater possibilities supporting the master creation phase
  3. Assimilate: Allow greater connection with yourself and Universal knowledge and wisdom
  4. Integrate your Higher self to be united in the Oneness and be part of the Universal Collective.

Imagine accessing the deepest layers of your being, tapping into the vast reservoirs of information stored within your DNA. This is where the journey begins. Through the process of Access, Activation, and Assimilation, you can unlock the codes of creation encoded within your genetic blueprint. By integrating your Higher Self, you align with the Universal Collective, harnessing the infinite wisdom of the cosmos to fuel your creative endeavours.

Sacred Geometry: The Flower of Life

Enter the realm of Sacred Geometry, where the ancient patterns of the Flower of Life serve as the blueprint of creation itself. This geometric design, composed of 19 intersecting circles, encapsulates the essence of all life cycles.

Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life transition your Creations into reality.  It is the basic template for everything brought into existence and from where everything is created.

 It underlines everything and is the blueprint of creation and unification - It transforms thought forms into a solid reality.

The Flower of Life is a geometric pattern consisting of 19 intersecting circles. Each circle is evenly spaced to reveal a striking pattern of overlapping even flowers. It represents all cycles of life and is the pattern for creation in the Universe.

Sacred geometry amplifies our connection to the Universe, and creates harmony within ourselves and the outside world. 

It brings together your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and dimensional aspects and links you with the infinite universe.

By aligning with this sacred template, you transform thought into tangible reality. Sacred geometry harmonizes your being with the Universe, bridging the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions, propelling you towards manifestation.

The Egyptian Six Elements: A Blueprint for Creation

Ancient wisdom meets modern manifestation with the Egyptian six elements, guiding you through the cycle of creation. Embrace the void, where ideas take root and dreams begin to flourish. Ignite the spark of inspiration with the fiery passion of creation, fueling your vision with unlimited potential. Amplify the energy of your ideas, breathing life into them with the expansive force of air.

As you traverse the realms of creation, embrace the transformative power of ether, bridging the gap between thought and action. Allow your creations to flow freely, like water cascading downstream, nourishing growth and expansion. Finally, ground your dreams into the fertile soil of reality, anchoring them firmly into the Earth.

The Ancient Egyptians used six elements, each with their own individual meaning and attributes, to represent their understanding of the flow of life and the creation cycle.

The Cycle of Creation:

  1. VOID: Ideas
  2. FIRE: Ignite 
  3. AIR: Amplify
  4. ETHER: Transform
  5. WATER: Flow
  6. EARTH: Ground

VOID - Ideas: The void is where you allow your ideas and hopes and dreams to flow and those you choose to create and manifest into reality.

  1. FIRE - Ignite the spark of your ideas with unlimited potential and possibilities. Fuel these ideas with fire and passion.

  2. AIR - Amplify the energy behind the idea. Give it more “air play” like a bellow to a fire: pushing out air, further igniting flames and gaining momentum.

  3. ETHER - Transform your idea and cross the bridge from thought to action. Start the process of making your idea a reality by putting in Action steps.

  4. WATER - Allow your creation to continue to grow and flow.

  5. EARTH - Anchor and ground your creation into the Earth and realise your hopes and dreams into reality.


Step into Your Power: Becoming a Master Creator

As you weave these elements together, you step into a cosmic conscious state, embodying the essence of a Master Creator. Envision yourself clad in leggings or hot pants, each step infused with intention and purpose, propelling you towards your highest aspirations. Embrace the life you are choosing to create, knowing that you hold the power to manifest your wildest dreams into reality.

The fusion of Sacred Geometry, DNA activation, and the wisdom of the Egyptian six elements empowers you to become a conscious co-creator of your reality. Step boldly into the realm of Quantum Creation, where infinite possibilities await. Embrace your power, ignite your passion, and watch as your dreams unfold before your eyes.

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