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100% Conscious Clothing focusing on Sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint on this planet, and Ethical Manufacturing of our garments.  Looking after our planet and the people who live on it!

A conscious range of clothing to utilise the power of energy incorporating colour, chakras, affirmations and intentions, crystals, frequency, Sacred Geometry and Ancient Egyptian wisdom including DNA and the Egyptian 6 Elements.

Align your bodie’s resonant field by stabilising your frequency, vibration and energy using the power of intention and dressing with intent.

  • Ethical Clothing Australia Certified

    We are incredibly proud to be ethical clothing certified, a rigorous certification process of strict guidelines.

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  • Australian Made & Own Certified

    We are proud to be certified as 100% Australian made with Australian sustainable grown Bamboo.

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  • 100% Sustainably Sourced materials

    Clothing made from Bamboo and Recycled Plastic bottles and accessories. Using exclusively sustainably sourced materials from Australia, we prioritize environmental friendliness and ethical responsibility at every stage of production.

T-Shirts & Tops: Ethically & sustainably manufactured with Technical Fabrics Services Australia (TFS)

TFS go beyond just responsibly sourcing sustainable materials and utilise a range of sustainable and recycling techniques.

These practices include:

1. Optimised Manufacturing

Continually optimising production processes and machinery performance. TFS successfully reduced it’s total energy intensity by 28.9%.

2. Recycled Materials

Certified recycled fibers including recycled polyester, recycled nylon, recycled elastane as well as an extensive range of natural, organic and regenerated cellulose fibers.

3. Better Cotton

Sustainable cotton sourcing includes; environmental, social, economic, and ethical factors to create a responsible product from seed to sale.

Ethical from design to final product

4. Powered by Renewables

The manufacturing industry is one of the biggest consumers of global electricity. TFS utilises solar energy to avoid contributing to environmental degradation caused by traditional energy sources.

5. Liquid Waste Management

Committed to the highest standard of water management. Water from the dye process is stored and continually reused in non-sensitive dyeing. Where it can’t be recycled, it is treated at the onsite effluent plant.

6. Solid Waste Management

Committed to reduce waste intensity and ensure that sustainable alternatives are first choice. With the help of EcoBiz, TFS reduced the facilities total waste intensity by 17%.

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Leggings & Hot Pants: Ethically & sustainably manafactured with Eclipse Textiles Australia

Eclipe textiles are the leaders in sustainable stretch!

Our leggings and hot pants are made from REPREVE® and are OEKO-TEX, REACH & GRS certified.

Developed using REPREVE®, an eco-friendly green fiber made from the recycling of discarded single use bottles that were destined for landfill. Constructed with sustainability, support, squat proof coverage and comfort in mind and also UPF 50+.


Eclipse recognises Climate Change and appreciates the crucial role we play for our customers to target a closed loop system.

Quality Control

We stand by our products with the confidence of our quality control so our customers benefit from quality, safe, performance-assured textiles.

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Ethical Activewear with a sustainable difference

We set out to make a difference by offering 100% Made in Australia products that leave a positive impact on the world. Our commitment to using sustainably sourced Australian materials ensures that each garment is of the highest quality, while also being environmentally friendly. Our goal is to deliver clothing that embodies consciousness in every stitch. By harnessing your own energy and dressing with intent, you can powerfully prepare for the day ahead, amplifying the energy around your intentions. Join us on this journey of empowerment and embrace the transformative power of dressing consciously.

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