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Wellness Mindset Journal

Wellness Mindset Journal

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30 Day | A4 Wellness Mindset Journal

Introducing our transformative journal, designed to be your safe haven and ignite your mindful journey towards a more fulfilling life. With this journal, you'll unlock the power to shift your mindset, elevate your conscious awareness, and escape the overwhelming stress and chaos that surrounds you. Step into a life brimming with energy, tranquility, and purpose, as you make the crucial choice to prioritize your mental well-being.

What's in your Journal:

  • Activities, creative pages and more
  • ‘Get the most out of your journal’ guide to success –
  • 30 day mindful tracker: affirmations, gratitude, self love, positive beliefs
  • 30 day vitality tracker: energy, stress and happiness
  • 30 day body tracker: water, sleep, meditation, movement and nutrition
  • Daily creative and decompress pages
  • Quick tips to keep you on track
  • Mindful Wellness Self assessments
  • Mindfulness Manifesto to motivate you
  • Motivational progress pages
  • Reward tracking for hitting targets
  • Coding Session to help you unlock your blocks!
  • Reflection journal & progress tracking every 7 days

Recognizing the integral role of your physical well-being, we've incorporated a 30-day body tracker. Monitor your water intake, sleep patterns, meditation practice, movement, and nutrition to maintain balance and foster holistic health.

The journal includes a 30-day mindful tracker, meticulously designed to cultivate affirmations, gratitude, self-love, and positive beliefs. By nurturing these qualities within yourself, you'll witness a profound shift in your well-being. Moreover, our vitality tracker empowers you to monitor your energy levels, stress indicators, and overall happiness throughout the month, giving you the insight needed to make informed choices.

The journal will keep you on track, serving as gentle reminders of your commitment to mindful living.

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