Victory Magazine feature: Sally Estlin Empowering Transformation

Victory Magazine feature: Sally Estlin Empowering Transformation


Empowering Transformation 

It is more crucial than ever to achieve comprehensive well-being in the fast-paced, sometimes busy world of today. Many people find themselves alienated from their inner selves and fighting to maintain a feeling of balance and calm in their life as a result of rising stress levels, continual diversions, and an emphasis on outward accomplishments. 

Sally Estlin, the dedicated owner of Holistically Fit, understands the significance of holistic well-being in today’s world. Through her work as a wellness coach, healer, and mentor, Sally helps people reconnect with themselves on a profound level. By guiding them through transformative practices and providing unwavering support, she empowers individuals to release limiting beliefs, overcome obstacles, and step into their true potential. 

Holistic Journey of Sally Estlin 

Sally Estlin spent her formative years amidst the lush greenery of Blackburn in Melbourne, renowned as the “bellbird area.” Growing up during the vibrant decades of the 60s, 70s, and 80s, she developed a profound affinity for nature, often exploring the parks and creeks surrounding her expansive backyard. Her fond memories include exhilarating bike rides around Blackburn Lake and careening down hills in a homemade billy cart. 

As the eldest of three siblings, Sally’s passion for learning and achievement was evident from a young age. Her insatiable curiosity led her to embark on a solo backpacking journey for 3 years around the world immediately after completing university, an experience she fondly refers to as the “Degree of Life.” Immersed in diverse cultures and experiences, Sally gained invaluable insights that broadened her perspective. 

During her academic pursuits in the 80s, Sally delved into Sociology and Psychology, intertwining her fascination with human behavior with a scientific understanding of genetics. Transitioning into the late 90s and beyond, her academic journey expanded into the realm of Natural Therapies and Alternative Medicine, culminating in a deep exploration of frequency medicine, which she believes holds transformative potential in healing modalities. 

Driven by her passion for holistic well-being, Sally dedicated herself to studying various modalities, including personal training, aromatherapy, remedial therapies, massage, naturopathy, homeopathy, coaching, counseling, and more recently, the metaphysical and quantum realm. Drawing upon proven scientific principles such as quantum physics, Sally leverages her expertise to facilitate profound healing experiences. It was only in recent years that Sally fully embraced her identity as an empowered empath, gaining clarity on her innate inclination towards certain modalities and her unwavering desire to assist others on their life journey. 

Towards Holistically Fit and Beyond 

As someone with a lifelong interest in crystals, chakras, spiritual and healing practices, Sally’s journey towards holistic well-being took a significant turn at the age of 28 when she 

The Victory Magazine 


June 2022 

experienced a miscarriage, revealing underlying health concerns. This pivotal moment spurred her to delve deeper into natural therapies and medicine, despite juggling a demanding full-time job. Over time, she immersed herself in learning various modalities such as massage therapy, remedial therapies, aromatherapy, as well as naturopathy and homeopathy. 

However, it wasn’t until the dissolution of her marriage at the age of 43 that Sally felt compelled to consolidate her knowledge and wisdom, fully embracing the holistic world. “I felt the calling to immerse myself fully into this holistic world,” she expressed. “From this time on, I started ‘following the energy’ and trusting my internal guidance and knowing. The more I do it, the more doors open for me,” Sally added. 

With a newfound sense of purpose, Sally swiftly transitioned into becoming a personal trainer and established her own gym, Holistically Fit: Empower Yourself Inside and Out, just months later. Coincidentally situated opposite her Homeopathy teacher’s wellness center and shop, Sally recognized the interconnectedness 

The Victory Magazine 

June 2022 

of various aspects of well-being, particularly mindset, and the need for holistic guidance in people’s lives. She seized the opportunity to engage in empowering conversations with her clients while training them. 

More recently, Sally has rebranded her business as Sally Estlin - Self Empowered Lifestyles, aiming to integrate all her ventures seamlessly. Her mission revolves around four main pillars: Clothing, Clearings, Conversations, and Community, each serving as a pathway to inspire individuals to lead conscious and purposeful lives. 

Entrepreneurial Insights 

As the owner and founder of Sally Estlin – Self Empowered Lifestyles and the creator of Holistically Fit and Empowered Clothing, Sally Estlin navigates the intricate balance of managing the four pillars of her business. Acting as the primary interface for her clients, she also oversees the overarching business structure. 

Sally recognizes that excellent communication, organization, and maintaining a positive and grateful mindset are essential for ensuring smooth operations. With her team spread across various countries, meticulous planning and staying present in the moment help her maintain stability, especially during stressful periods. 

Central to Sally’s approach is ensuring her team understands her clients’ needs, empathizing with their challenges, and remaining focused on delivering effective solutions. Embracing the philosophy of focusing on her strengths and outsourcing tasks where necessary allows Sally to concentrate on guiding the broader direction of her business. 

Embracing Empowerment 

Sally Estlin embraces a powerful mantra guiding her through life’s ebbs and flows: Let go, Step up, and Be more. This mantra anchors her, fostering stability and alignment as she navigates the complexities of existence. 

Central to Sally’s philosophy is the practice of releasing drama and limiting beliefs while stepping into one’s greatness and expanding consciousness. By embracing authenticity and forgiveness, Sally frees herself from the shackles of the past and immerses herself fully in the present moment. 

This approach permeates Sally’s business endeavors, where she translates her personal journey into professional practice. By attuning herself to the energy surrounding her decisions and cultivating trust, belief, and allowance, she paves a path of alignment and abundance. 

Sally’s commitment to continual growth and evolution is unwavering. Engaging in practical classes, maintaining regular contact with colleagues, and prioritizing lifelong learning, she ensures her skills, knowledge, and wisdom are ever-expanding. 

One non-negotiable aspect of Sally’s routine is her daily 1.5-hour nature walk—a ritual that grounds her, fosters creativity, and alleviates stress. During this time, she practices self-care, indulging in empowering books and podcasts while also enjoying the camaraderie of workouts with friends and meaningful life discussions."

Published in print April, 2024

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