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Find Your Bling | Wellness Board-game

Find Your Bling | Wellness Board-game

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Find Your Bling’ is an intuitive board game that helps you think about what you truly want and guides you on a path to finding your answers. The cards are designed to help you gain insights, clarity and direction on a question you want answered. It’s also a fun way to strengthen connections and understanding between family and friends…. and ….Everyone is a winner!

The game helps to open your mind and bring you a sense of clarity and direction. The answers you’ve been looking for are within your grasp when you have the right questions.

Come and try for yourself. Enjoy a sense of fun, community and belonging at one of our Bling game events, or invite one of our Bling Angels to host a VIP private game at your own venue.

Be in your power. Be abundant. Be your best self!

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