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Peace & Tranquility | Crystal Healing Bracelet

Peace & Tranquility | Crystal Healing Bracelet

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Peace & Tranquility | Crystal Healing Bracelet 

Our exquisite Healing Crystal Gemstone Bracelets, meticulously handcrafted to infuse  positive energy and balance. These bracelets are made with 100% genuine gemstones, carefully selected for their unique healing properties.

Each bracelet features 8mm gemstone beads, ensuring a comfortable fit that effortlessly complements any outfit. We have partnered with “Made by Earth” in Melbourne to deliver quality bracelets designed using high grade beads and strong elastic. Each Crystal Healing Bracelet contains four different crystals or gemstones, with clear quartz acting as an amplifier.

Peace & Tranquility Bracelet Crystal Gemstones:

Amazonite: Brings peace, joy and happiness
Balances the head and heart, clears up mental confusion and brings inner peace
Amethyst: Stone of spirituality and contentment, clears the overactive mind and brings calm
Rose Quartz: Fosters love, acceptance and peace
Clear Quartz: Amplifies energies of other stones

Bracelets can be worn as a source of inspiration, as a reminder of a goal, or as a heartfelt gift for a loved one.

We take pride in our commitment to ethical sourcing, partnering with local Australian suppliers to responsibly obtain ethically and sustainably sourced gemstone beads. Every purchase supports local communities and promotes sustainability.

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