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Speaking | Pale blue long sleeve activewear top

Speaking | Pale blue long sleeve activewear top

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Speaking | Throat Chakra
Women's long sleeve pale blue activewear top

Our exclusive line of women's activewear tops, are crafted for style, comfort, and empowerment to dress with intent.

Chakra: Throat
Location: Centre of chest
Colour: Pale blue
Associated with: Communication, self expression, clarity, authenticity, integrity and the ability to speak one’s truth
Intention: SPEAKING Truth, Love & Acceptance
  • Expressing the truth 
  • Coming from a place of love
  • Accepting what is without judgment
Crystal: Blue Quartz
Properties: Helps facilitate clear and effective communication, enhance self-expression, encourage the ability to speak authentically and honestly and support the expression of thoughts and feelings.

Designed for the busy woman, these tops are easy to wash and easy to wear, allowing you to effortlessly transition from workout to everyday activities.  Stay fresh and confident with the anti-microbial and quick-drying pieces, while enjoying the utmost comfort and freedom of movement. Designed to flatter all body shapes, including those experiencing menopause, our tops embrace your unique beauty.

Every piece is accompanied by a matching Chakra crystal, specially selected to enhance your energy and align your intentions.

100% Made in Australia, using 100% sustainably sourced Australian materials

Soft and Comfortable: Feels and looks luxe.  Gentle on the skin and doesn’t cause chafing or irritation: Good for sensitive skin or anyone prone to allergies - 

Anti bacterial and odour resistant: Antibacterial properties helps prevent the growth of odour causing bacteria, keeping it fresh even after prolonged use.

UV Protection: With inherent UV protection properties, blocking harmful UV rays so provides an extra layer of protection against sunburn and skin damage.

Eco-friendy and sustainable: We use sustainably sourced Australian Bamboo, a highly renewable resource that grows quickly without the need for pesticides or excessive water. 

90% Bamboo | 10% Spandex
Proudly designed in Melbourne and made in Queensland Australia
Accredited by Made in Australia

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